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Global Environmental Energy Technology Popularly known as GEET is the brain works of Pantone’s It began when Paul Pantone the innovative creator came up with solutions of different problems. His GEET Reactor is considered to be one of his greatest inventions. Over 450 inventions to the credit of Paul Pantone, He is only coming up with more and more inventions. Molly Pantone his wife helps him with all his work and together they share his knowledge to the rest of the world.

GEET is a technology based on renewable energy. GEET Plasma reactor makes use of water and other liquid for power. The technology of GEET helped to save money and promotes a greener form of energy.

The Pantone Teaching began way back in 1980.Only a few came to learn and many were curious to see his “Renegade”. Paul Pantone not only Teaches his innerworkings of GEET to his students but also all the other field of knowledge he has learned over the period of time. His passion for teaching has flourished more after his marriage to Molly Pantone.

This site is created to give you all the information related to the different Inventions of Pantone’s. This website has information’s regarding the GEET as well as other inventions of Pantone’s.

This Site offer useful technical information of the inventions along with answers to all the your relevant questions. Keep visiting this website for information on the latest inventions of Pantone and detailed technical workings of GEET and Other Expert Innovations of Pantone’s.