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Aug, 2019

Everything one wants to know about the GEET technology

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Introduction to the application of the GEET technology in the automobile sector

The central concept for the GEET technology is to save the exhaust coming out of the vehicles. The credit for the invention or the father of GEET technology is Paul Pantone. He practiced the technique a long back, and even before the attempts of technological analysis were attempted. The main background of the technology behind the GEET fuel processor belongs to the basic scientific rules from the automobile industry and branch of science called thermodynamics.

The overall process of the GEET technology includes the collection of the exhaust heat in the incoming fuel vapor for maintaining the vacuum inside of the whole process. This process leads to the molecular breakdown of all the heavier metals present inside. The molecular analysis of the heavier metals leads to the intensification of the vacuum and hence further leads to the decrease of heat requisite in the process.

All about the GEET plasma unite mechanism and application

The GEET plasma unit is responsible for the generation of multiple electrical fields at one time. Hence, some of them have different directions but come into the majority direction by the application of the mass movement theory or the gravitational field of the earth.

According to Paul and Molly, the strength or the energy generated by the plasma is determined by the frequency and vibration of the plasma. Many types of research are undergoing in European laboratories to isolate the plasma generators for essential replication, which is demanded the pantones demonstrations.

The scientist has incorporated the external electrical applications to increase the production of the plasma but has failed definitely as the external use leads to the disturbance or interruptions to the natural production. Hence, it becomes essential to maintain natural interference along with external applications.

The equal maintenance of the GEET combustion chamber and reactor

The movement of the vapors in the GEET fuel processor is described as the flow of change of the velocity designed by the self intensification of the fuel processor.

One can only say the GEET reaction chamber perfect when the balance point between the exhaust heat temperature and the amount of ambient air is the same. The air quality can either be the same or can slightly increase due to the presence of an excess of oxygen inside the tailpipe of the exhaust.

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