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Aug, 2019

The different types of fuel injectors in the automobile industry

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The importance of fuel injectors in the automobile industry

Cars are a need for some and fantasy for others. Hence, many people all across the world are crazy to know everything about their car so that they can depict some of the critical positive facts about their dream vehicle when someone approaches them for their car configurations. Well, the modern-day cars have so many parts and explaining everything at a time can screw the brains of people not related to the industry.

One of the main components of the car is the engine, which runs on the fuel injection methods, and hence having some knowledge about them is a keen interest to know. Let us discuss a few of the types of fuel injection methods used in modern cars.

The single body or the throttle point injection method

The first replacement for the carburetors in the traditional cars is the only body or the throttle point injection. In the single body injections, two nozzles inject the fuel in the throat of the engine along with the air intake inside the engine. All the multi-point nozzle system ideas were framed from the single point nozzle system. Hence, they are the reason behind the success of so many automakers in the automobile industry all across the globe.

The replacement for carburetors was essential as they were too expensive and complicated and demanded higher care and maintenance costs when compared to the fuel injection methods or the TBI meters method.

The port injection or the multiple point fuel injection method
The single point fuel injection gave rise to numerous point fuel injection methods. In the numerous point fuel injection method, every different cylinder in the engine of the car gets one different nozzle at the port for the fuel injection, respectively. Hence the numerous point fuel injection method is also called the port injection method.

The multiple point fuel injection methods have proven records of keeping precision and efficiency in the air and fuel ratio of the engine of the vehicle.

The direct injection method or the latest fuel injection method

In the direct injection method, the fuel or gasoline is directly pumped into the combustion chamber of the engine after passing the filter valves and hence providing a higher number of efficiency when compared with the multiple and single point design of the car.

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