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Mar, 2017

What Are The Common Problems Encountered In The Fuel System

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The fuel system is a critical component of your vehicle, and it is made up of many parts which help the petrol to reach from the tank to the engine cylinder where the combustion process takes place. The cylinder is the place where the mixture of air and fuel gets burnt, and it gets the electricity needed to make the vehicle move.

The fuel system is made up of many parts, and there can be trouble in any of them which means there is trouble in your vehicle. The fuel has to flow correctly to the engine for optimal performance of the car, and the fuel system has to be in good shape. Not all issues with it are severe, a few of these common problems can be fixed quickly. Listed below are a few such issues.

Fuel filters: The fuel filter is one of the critical parts in a fuel system and is also the part that gets damaged quickly as per Fuel System traders. This filter is used to protect the injectors from getting damaged due to dirt from the fuel. When the filter is damaged, the dust in the petrol enters into the fuel system and affects the performance of the engine. But when you carefully consider the performance of the car, you will feel the effect as the engine is not working as before. One of the culprits is due to the filter not providing the needed amount of fuel to the engine.

If the initial signs are ignored, it can lead to more severe problems like engine unable to maintain idling, starting trouble or failure of the engine. To ensure that this does not happen, you should get your oil and air filter cleaned when you get your vehicle serviced.

Fuel pump: A fuel pump is needed to send fuel and is located inside the petrol tank. This pump is used to send the fuel from the tank to the injectors. The sign that your fuel pump is in poor condition is when there is lack of power when you accelerate your vehicle. Other signals are jerking of the car, up and down of energy, increase in power despite not hitting the accelerator hard, etc. A bad fuel pump will eventually end with the car not starting up.

Low-quality fuel: A lousy quality fuel may also be one of the causes of your engine performance degrading. The fuel system is not always the only reason, and your car will have starting trouble, maintenance issues, etc. If the same poor quality fuel is used in the long run, then the engine itself can go bad and wear out. When you figure out that the problem is with the fuel, you should not attempt to empty it by driving. Instead, you should entirely remove the fuel and get the tank cleaned. If only a small amount of the petrol is faulty, then you can fill the tank with fresh fuel which will dilute the lousy quality fuel. It is recommended that you fill fuel with reputed petrol bunks and also places where it is busy. That way you will have a better quality fuel loaded into your car.

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