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Aug, 2016

Fuel System And Tips To Care For It

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The petrol engine of automobiles like car, truck, tractor, or even a lawnmower needs a few necessary things for it to run and these are the fuel, air, and spark. Apart from that if any of the parts of the fuel system does not work correctly, your vehicle will not work. Though the fuel system can stop working without warning, there are a few things that you can do to make sure to extend its performance and use. The complexity of the system varies and can be simple to high-pressure injection of fuel. But Fuel system manufacturers/Suppliers have a few maintenance tips that can ensure they work optimally and also provide better mileage.

Read below to understand how it works. Before you know how to care for your fuel system,

Working on fuel system: The fuel is filled through the fuel tank. A pump is present which will send it to the engine. The fuel filters will remove any dirt that is present in the petrol, and these can be placed before it reaches the pump or after. There are fuel pipes through which the gasoline is sent to the carburetor or injectors. The carburetor injects the fuel and gets combined with air, this is then sent to the cylinders of the engine, and through a process of combustion, the fuel gets burnt.
On other systems, injectors spray the fuel under pressure into the valves which are meant for intake of air and combustion process burns the fuel.

Maintenance tips:
Look for signs: Most of the times, your vehicle will give you signals that it needs maintenance. You should pick these up so that it does not develop into something more serious. You will notice a decrease in mileage; idling will be weak, you will experience starting trouble, and also the performance of the car, in general, will not be as before. If any or all of these happen, then it is time your fuel system needs cleaning. A cleaner which can melt the varnishes and other fuel by-products should be used to clean the injectors, pipes, etc.

Cool down the fuel pump: The petrol in the car’s tank ensures that the fuel pump does not get overly heated. The under the fuel tank is the strainer and the fuel pump is above that strainer. When the fuel tank get empty, the fuel pump is no longer protected by the fuel and hence it begins to get warm. That can eventually lead to scruffing of it. Moreover, when the tank is filled, there is less chances of contaminants getting into the fuel system from the strainer. The chances of debris getting sucked into the fuel sump is high when the tank is nearing empty. Always consider filling your car with petrol before it reaches one fourth of the tank, instead of waiting for it to become empty. That will ensure that the fuel pump is cool, gives better performance and lasts long.

By caring for your fuel system, there is fewer chances of failure and will last long. A well-maintained fuel system guarantees 2 lakh miles for your car.

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