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Apr, 2017

Plasma Links For Research

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Perspectives on Plasma – Plasmas International

Discover details about plasma, high-energy density physics, and magnetic confinement fusion. Includes exhibits and a photo gallery.
Databases for Atomic and Plasma Physics

Discover links to Web sites that offer atomic data databases and catalogs.
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory – From Core to Corona

Uses diagrams, images, and drawings to explicate the layers of the Sun, from the core to solar wind.
TU Chemnitz – Department of Plasma & Ion Physics

German university provides details on research activities, lectures, and seminars as well as publications, theses, and conference abstracts.
Plasma Sources Science & Technology

Read select articles or browse issue contents of this journal offering papers on creation and application of plasmas in physics and engineering.
Universitat Stuttgart – Institute of Plasma Research

German institute researches plasma spectroscopy, technology, theory and heating. Read reports, or find out about recent publications.
Old LANL P-24 Plasma Physics Group

Los Alamos Group applies an extensive knowledge of plasma, atomic, and laser physics to study high-energy density matter in the plasma state.
Univ. of Newcastle – Space Plasma Waves Group

Australian program studies wave phenomena within the earth’s magnetosphere. Read researcher profiles and publications abstracts.
Alfven Laboratory – Plasma Physics

Space-plasma physics group studies the makeup of Earth’s atmosphere. Peruse models, project overviews and publications lists.

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