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Apr, 2017

The GEET Fuel Processor is a self-inducing Plasma generator

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The first working prototype was developed long before the technical analysis was attempted. Plasma research is a fairly new field of acceptable science. At this time most printed text is from foreign Countries, and a majority from Russia.

The technology used in the GEET Fuel Processor is a combination of the most basic scientific principles, most of which falls within the normal rules and of thermodynamics. But some of the 70 simultaneous phenomenon are not found in those books, since it is the combination of events, which is the body of this discovery. Put quite simply, the exhaust heat is transferred to the incoming fuel vapor, which must be maintained in a vacuum, and the overall configuration provides a molecular breakdown within the vacuum of all of the heavier elements. Therefore, intensifying the vacuum, the speed of molecular breakdown or reaction is magnified, and less heat is required.

The GEET Plasma unit generates several “electrical” fields at the same time while operating, some of which are in opposite direction and all are affected by the direction of mass movement as well as by the gravitational field of our planet. During lectures from coast to coast Paul and Molley have explained that it is frequency and vibration that determines the amount of plasma or energy being developed. Reseach in private laboratories in Europe is helping to isolate some of the basic field replication of the plasma generator that the Pantones need for visible demonstrations.

Many attempts to use the external electrical mechanical devices to enhance the production of Plasma in the GEET Fuel Processor have all failed to show any promise, such as the Plasmatron. This has occurred because the outside interference has opposed the “natural” order of the energy, which must be self generated to maximize the results, as well as will increase the charge-discharge at specific needs of demand of the Plasma – or GEET GAS. It should also be noted that using outside non-natural heating diminishes the fields which are normally self generated.

The specific movement of vapor within the GEET Fuel Processor is “focused” to exact flow direction and velocity being self created thereby maximizing and intensifying the “field and enhancing the molecular, or atomic disassociation. Without all other natural elements increasing to equal proportions, one cannot expect that merely increasing the Arc-Field will be the main reason for specific success of any given substance to be broken down to it’s base elements. When the ideal Plasma has been created is the time to begin increasing or decreasing all parameters involved at their respective equal or balanced increments to satisfy an increase or decrease in the Plasma flow. In doing so one can increase the Plasma flow to a viable delivery state for all commercial use demands. During tests the over-reving to engines has startled engineers and scientists from around the world, as engines are sped up to over twice the normal rpm, and slowed down to a fraction of their normal idle speed, with no noticeable vibration. Have you ever seen a 350 Chevrolet idle at 80 rpm? We have.

All of the currently studied Plasma generators, basically share a design and operational feature in that they attempt to Push the Fuel, under pressure, into a reaction, whereby a need for outside energy to force the device to function. The most unique feature of the GEET Plasma Fuel System is that by supplying the fuel into the Plasma chamber in a vacuum and through a longitudinal, natural release, causes a Radial reaction which is self induced, which creates energy as electrons are pulled into the reactin of plasma, instead of consuming energy. Thus the Plasma becomes more “homogenized” with atmospheric air, causing a well-blended fuel for final delivery.

An additional stabilizing feature within our system is the natural circulation of opposing masses as a vorticular motion within the Plasma Field, a condition as described by Molley Pantone as Thermal momentum-or Inertia. Such field is caused in part by the chamber beginning before and after the Field zone. The size of the Field zone must coincide with the fuel and parameters with specific limitations, dependent on the fuel demand. Now we should also explaain that a small unit, such as a 10 hp engine can be used as a “servant” to produce fuel to be used by an un-modified larger engine or furnace, by adapting pumps and only modifiying the air intake only. Thus a 10 hp engine could make the fuel for a locomotive.

The exact length of the Plasma chamber need be adjustable to fully accommodate rapid change of fuels when different blends are being used. This is quite simple but requires some very expensive equipment for analysis of the final exhaust for the average mechanic.

The “balance ” point of a perfectly adjusted GEET Plasma reaction chamber, will give the same temperature coming out of the exhaust pipe as the ambient air, as well as the air quality should be the same or a slight increase of oxygen coming out of the tailpipe. So far the inventor has accomplished a 2% increase in oxygen coming out of an internal combustion using crude oil as fuel and a 3.5% increase using Battery acid mixed with 80% saltwater. At the higher than ambient oxygen levels you normally find ice forming on the exhaust pipes as a normal function of this phenomenon.

When the Plasma field chamber is too short or too long for the density of the fuel being used, it overheats the South end and Chills the North end of the reactor, this also causes the field to consume oxygen, instead of creating it. The direction and configuration of the heat source is critical to the proper balance of the reaction to create a Plasma. We have now learned that down is the same as South in relationship to using a compass, and therefore North is up.

Other Plasma generators, such as the copy cat from MIT, which they call the Plasmatron, uses outside applied power to create heat to run the units, but have extremely limited use and output, when compared to the GEET system. Since the power output of Plasma is constant and generates power we can only assume that it is of a DC nature and is a constant output which we have not yet attempted to harness. ( hopefully coming soon.)

There will be a large number of reports dating back to 1984 that the inventor was not ready to release until he felt the timing was right. He feels the timing is now right and these will be posted as soon as possible.

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