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Mar, 2017

The Beginning Of The Pantone Teaching

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Before GEET…

1980. Paul began using his shop that was a guest house as a class room. Few came to learn. Most came to look at his inventions. His 25 caliber “log splitter” was the big attraction.

Paul called it the ‘Renegade’. After splitting firewood for three days he hurt so bad he went home to invent a better way to split wood. For the full story go to the other inventions section. It also shows a TV commercial that was filmed for the product.

Many neighbors came by to see the ‘Instant Paint’ that he developed. For about 37 cents a gallon you could buy his paint and add only water and get a gallon of white paint. After only a few commercials on TV he was threatened by several companies that did not want to loose their business of selling you 8 pounds of water and a big can for $15.00. Paul Backed off. This commercial was also found in the other inventions section of this web site.

Paul has over 450 inventions and quit counting over 10 years ago, when he met Molley. This Angel brought him so much happiness that he was trying to focus on what they felt was doing God’s work.

We married on stage at the Exotic Research conference. I finally had the Woman of my dreams and a promise was made to love, honor and protect her. Little did I know how evil people would come forward to stop this Planet from being cleaned. Where I have forgiven those who wronged us, it has only fed fuel to their fire to destroy what God brought together. Now, they want a fight, I’m ready.

All of the story of other inventions is at a different section of this site. ( soon to be a link here) But, now I am offering different inventions to students who wish to open businesses. Just pick a field.

I now offer a private e mail plan to teach my discoveries and many useful products that you can take advantage of beginning the day you signup for school. Don’t expect that you get everything in one day!!! It takes time to understand the basic 198 discoveries. Then you build units at your own speed. We strongly urge you to begin on a small engine and work up, so to understand the technology. Some are not willing to take these steps and they fall on their face because they want to just build one, today. I try to teach what has taken me 26 years to learn, ( with 30,000 r&d people, from the free plans), into a week long course. Some patience is required.

Some students share the fun of the new discoveries and the excitement of building a carburetor from wood, plastic or a combination of glass. This allows a great deal of laughs as you show off what you have made to those who think, “That’s Impossible”. It was Molley who suggested that we use clear jars to show what was happening to the fuel as it was being vaporized. This was the most effective way to see what is really happening. Not very practical for everyday use, but it helped to educate people.

I dedicated the school portion of the technology to Molley for all of her heart felt support in doing Gods work and bringing many of the discoveries to light. Her insight is truly a gift of vision and she explained more about the physics than any other group in the world. She lived to share knowledge with children and bring joy to all who were seeking it.

Now, I teach not only the GEET, but all of the other fields of knowledge that I can for those who enroll for the classes. I do limit the class teaching to GEET and six other inventions of mine as a minimum.

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