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Aug, 2019

The best options for going green and towards renewable sources of energy

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The importance of nature in our lives

Humans might not have been here on earth if the character had any other plans in their mind. We must provide clear credit for our existence on this planet solely to quality. We have done everything we can to destroy the beauty of the environment. But now it is our time to understand and accept the concept of renewable energy and discover some of the beneficial applications from renewable sources.

What is renewable energy?

One can derive renewable energy from the diverse forces of nature. From water to sunlight to a small piece of wood, everything comes into the term renewable energy. Hence, it is the responsibility of humans to conserve and consume renewable sources wisely.

Let us discuss some of the best types of renewable form of energy sources

1. Solar energy
Solar energy is too familiar these days with new roofs of the new homes that have such applications to convert the heat energy into electrical energy. In many countries, street lights use the complete form of solar energy. Solar energy can also help in adding savings to the pockets of people purchasing it. The installation of the solar panels is expensive, but it is worth the price.

2. Wind energy
People who have visited Germany might have seen large fans on the farms revolving clockwise. These fans are known as the windmills which use wind energy to generate power. The generated power is stored in the windmill and later transferred to the nearby location for consumption as electricity.

3. Geothermal energy ( Heat energy to electrical energy)

One of the prominent and freshest forms of generating electricity is geothermal energy. The heat from the earth’s crust is used for the generation of power in the nearby locations.

Every building can use the geothermal energy of the earth to stay warm during the winter and stay cool during the summer.

Geothermal energy can be part of full application renewable sources as one can use the renewable energy invariant applications like greenhouses, crop cultivation inside or outside of the house, fish farming and many more new functions.

Many people get confused when we combine the term water with electricity. Such groups of people have to accept the truth that one can generate electricity from water. Rain falling from great heights can run the turbine, which in turn can convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy.

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