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Jul, 2019

The Necessity of Sustainable Energy

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The extent of the consequences of using sustainable energy ultimately depends on its level of usage. Usage of fuel on a day-to-day basis is indirectly related to external conflicts and also climatic changes on a global scale. The contemporary society’s success is linked to one’s capability to utilize the energy in fossil fuel form initially. Fossil fuels are nothing but materials that are carbon oriented and found in subsurface of the earth due to the decomposition of animals and plants over a million years. The high concentration capacity and the ease in moving it from place-to-place make fossil fuels the primary source of energy to be considered.

Drawbacks faced in Using Fossil Fuels

Using fossil fuels as the primary form has three significant drawbacks.

  • The fossil fuel is available only in limited quantity.

Fossil fuels will deplete someday, and with no plan as a backup, the demand for energy fuels met. No one is aware of the number of fossil fuels still left as part of the reserve content, but a calculated amount of extract gets used on a sufficient basis. According to the estimation, the reserves will only be available for the next 45 years. Similarly availability of coal will last for 130 years and natural gas has been estimated to last for about 62 years. The advancement in technology for extraction and also changes in its level of demand might alter the estimation of natural gas and coal reserve over the years. On-the-whole fossil fuels are finite by nature and its usage availability.

  • Relying on fossil fuels from other countries

42% production of the world’s oil is by nations supported by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), with almost half of the resources coming in from nations such as Iraq, Saudi, and Iran. These countries are susceptible due to its national security concerns making them very volatile when it comes to financial support as some have bonds with terrorist groups.

  • Fossil fuels are unhealthy and a threat to the living environment.

Fossil fuels are unsustainable, thus causing hazardous ill-effects to health and also the environment of living beings. The gas that emanates when coal is on fire causes respiratory problems due to certain substances and mercury present. The same can also cause death in vulnerable people such as children and aged. New regulations have been put in place by the US to regulate less pollution in cities. Due to no proper rules and regulations, countries like China suffer for many health issues.

Sustainable energy received from sources such as wind, sun, plants, and water meets hardly 10% of the energy demands that are put forward by the world. The reason why it is so low is the unavailability of the right kind of technology and advancement to make sustainable energy profitable economically. Economically beneficial is a requirement that the world will see to suffice the number of financial means gets channeled for the same.

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