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Aug, 2019

What can add consistency to renewable energy?

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Does sustainability improvise the standard of renewable energy?

The population is increasing indomitably every day and one cannot have control over the community. So the next point which scientists must think is to increase their reach towards renewable sources of energy. Many people have excellent financial backgrounds. Also, due to the wide circulation of education, most of the millennial generation can purchase the power, especially the electrical one for their application.

One of the most used energy all across the planet is electrical energy. From a recent survey, we found that almost 1.3 billion people from all across the world don’t have access to electrical power.

Which are the most common forms of generating electrical energy?

When the point comes to the generation of electricity, coal can never find its place back. A recent report commented that electricity generation from coal is 41% which is the highest from any other firms involved in the production of electricity.

The environmental science departments from several countries are stressing on the fact that the increase in the use of coal is increasing air pollution and water pollution simultaneously.

The water pollution occurs during the mining process of the coal while the air pollution occurs during the exhaust coming out from the coal plants when they generate electricity. The miners working at the coal industries are also at the risk of vulnerable health hazards, and hence coal cannot make it to sustainable forms of energy.

What are the best options for sustainable sources of energy?

The first thing striking the brain of the people when we talk about the sustainable sources of energy is these four options listed below

  • Sunlight
  • Wind
  • Water and
  • Air and biomass up to a certain extent.

Indeed these options can contribute to the sustainable form of energy resources. Let us discuss environmental sustainability here. The term ecological sustainability means that which is entirely beneficial to the environment and is not harmful to the environment from micro to macro form. When we say that mining coal brings adverse effects to the ecosystem, then we must also not neglect the fact that mining rarely earth metals like neodymium for the windmills is creating issues for the environment.

It is also essential to consider the economic sustainability of renewable sources. This means that the installation of renewable sources is more expensive than their entire life maintenance cost. Hence, the scientist needs to discover a form of energy which is both economically and socially sustainable to the environment.

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